A thriving economy attracting talents from all over the world

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Luxembourg’s powerful economy produces a continuous flow of diverse, secure and well paid job opportunities to give your career expectations attractive and multiple long-term perspectives.

On top of being a vibrant financial centre and home to several European institutions, Luxembourg relies on highly skilled talents to fuel a data driven, circular and sustainable economy. Key business sectors also include Space Technologies, Life Sciences, Automotive, Clean Technologies, Fintech and Logistics, all highly connected to and dependent on ongoing best-in-class ICT developments. Add to this a flourishing start-up community, a booming construction industry as well as a highly developed service sector and you start to understand why Luxembourg is such an attractive location for companies and employees alike.

Due to the size of the country, Luxembourg has a long tradition of attracting talents from abroad. Luxembourg is ranked second in the world for attraction of talents and is a world leader in highly skilled employment.

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