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    • Life & Leisure

    From scenic castles to landmarks by world famous architects. With a history going back more than 1000 years, Luxembourg offers a vast choice of architectural beauties!

    • Life & Leisure  - Finance & Economy - Research

    There is a little piece of Luxembourg everywhere from city skylines to cars and even in space. Giant high strength steel beams – the kinds used in the new Freedom Towers in New York -- are produced in Luxembourg. The advanced architectural

    • Life & Leisure

    Promotional vidéo clip of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.  

    • Finance & Economy - Trade

    Luxembourg for Finance, the agency for the development of the financial centre, has drawn inspiration from the X of the Luxembourg Signature for its latest international campaign. We Connect Europe, the world, capital markets, banks, investment funds, insurance, innovators, investors

    • Entrepreneurship - Career

    Miikka Heinonen is a professional photographer who's set up shop in Luxembourg. In this video testimonial, he talks about artistic freedom and the power of networking in Luxembourg.  

    • Entrepreneurship - Career

    Sanna van Look-Peltonen is a Finnish businesswoman living in Luxembourg for years. Listen to her talk about how easy it is to set up a business and start a family in Luxembourg.  

    • Career - Life & Leisure  - Entrepreneurship

    In these video testimonials by the business promotion agency Luxembourg for Business, Luxembourg residents talk about quality of life in the Grand Duchy.

    • Research

    Luxembourg's space saga as seen through the eyes of a little girl who, like the female hero of Interstellar, becomes a brilliant space physicist... the film stems from the imagination of Grig Richters, the bubbling cofounder of Asteroid Day

    • Life & Leisure  - Studies

    Heidi Flinkman is an IT student at the University of Luxembourg. In this video testimonial she relates about her studies and socialising in Luxembourg.  

    • Life & Leisure

    The green heart of Europe showing plenty of scenic places and gorgeous landscapes!

    • Career - Finance & Economy

    Have you ever thought about working in Europe’s most international financial centre? Hear from people who have chosen to come and work in Luxembourg’s financial industry.  

    • Life & Leisure  - Career - Trade

    Luxembourg has given much thought to its values. But what does openness, reliability, dynamism mean to people all around the world? Discover what makes our country so special ...  

    • Life & Leisure

    A beautiful postcard of Luxembourg that reveals the landscapes in the different regions of the country. Playing with lights, shots in slow motion, the film magnifies in 2 minutes 40 minutes the capital's heritage, the richness of nature and

    • Career - Life & Leisure  - Entrepreneurship

    Marja-Leena Junker is an actress and a director of Finnish origin who has been living in Luxembourg for 30 years. She has been manager of the Théâtre du Centaure in Luxembourg for years. In this video testimonial she talks

  1. “A Quick Look at Luxembourg” with subtitles in Chinese showing a general picture of Luxembourg with cosmopolitan young people!
    • Career - Finance & Economy - Life & Leisure  - Trade

    “A Quick Look at Luxembourg” with subtitles in Chinese showing a general picture of Luxembourg with cosmopolitan young people!

    • Life & Leisure

    The Nature Park Mëllerdall offers a rich variety of landscapes to its visitors: traditional orchards, deep forests, impressive rock formations with their narrow crevices and deep ravines  

    • Life & Leisure

    Discover the highlights of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg by means of this video by Luxembourg for Tourism!  

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